Game Changer

The global pandemic has been a game changer for EVERYONE for 2020. Our hearts go out to those who have lost a loved one to COVID 19.

The complexity of this global pandemic has also crippled all business’ and as a small business owner, it’s hard to know how to proceed. Maybe people don’t realize, but owning a small business is a labour of love with the hopes of an income. I have personally loved having a small business in Salmon Arm where there is a vast range of talent that  I can in turn support by utilizing their mad skills. Supporting LOCAL has been my motto since day one. I also love infusing IMPORTs from around the globe because it showcases diversity. Supporting the makers is something everyone should be cognitive of, as it truly creates sustainable wages. 
So here we are, I am supporting our local makers as they create cloth face masks with the prospect that this will be how we can begin again. There will be new societal constraints until we have this virus under some control.
Be kind, wash your hands, provide others with social distancing, wear a mask because sadly the immune compromised are at risk and worth protecting.

stay well,

~ Cheryl


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